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Welcome to Athletic Touch. Helping Athletes develop to their full potential. I am both a licenced massage therapist and a certified athletic trainer. This combination helps me give each athlete the experience of both in their treatment. Sports Massage Sports Injury Deep Tissue Trigger Point Swedish Massage Stretching Benefits of Massage to Athletes: Allows the athlete to reach peak performance sooner. Muscles improve in flexibility and are able to respond more quickly and powerfully. Encourages better performance and reduces the chance of injury. Eliminates muscle stiffness due to excess lactic acid buildup. Rejuvenates muscles quicker after intense workouts or events. Offers the athlete a chance to relax and recuperate more quickly. Reduces ischemic pain and pain from spasms, splinting, and tension. Identifies and eliminates possible trouble spots. Can help extend the overall span of the athlete's career. Please call or text Rick to set up an appointment.

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